Christopeit Hometrainer Ergo ET-6 Sil

Merk: Buffalo
Product: BUF.7300.128
€ 399.00 (Adviesprijs) € 379.00
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Weerstand: Elektronisch
Levertermijn: 2 - 5 werkdagen
Afmetingen: L 96 cm x B 52 cm x H 140 cm
Verzendkosten: Gratis
Gewicht: 35 kg
Zadel verstelbaar: Ja
Stuur verstelbaar: Ja
Koppelbaar met tablet: Nee
Vliegwiel swingmassa: 12 kg
Hartslagprogramma: Ja
Display Aanwezig: Ja
In het kort

- Motor- and computer controlled resistance
- 12 kg flywheel
- 12 training programs
- 5 heart rate controlled programs
- 5 individual programs
- 1 Body fat program
- Hand pulse measurement
- Adjustable saddle and handlebar
- Floor level compensation
- Transport rollers Blue/Green
- Back Light LCD Display showing at same time: speed, time, distance, approx calories, rpm, Watt and pulse frequency
- Receiver for wireless pulse belts
- Load maximum: 150 kg
- Space requirement: 96 x 52 x 140 cm (L x W x H)
- 100% quality guarantee
- Best value for money


The exercise bike ET 6 is an egregious ergometer from Christopeit. The exercise bike is ideal for people that want to improve their condition or want to lose weight.

The Blue/Green Back Light LCD Display displays the speed, time, distance, approximate calories, rpm, watt and pulse frequency. This way you can see exactly how you are performing the workout, while you are training.

12 training programs, 5 heart rate controlled programs, 5 individual programs and a body fat program give a wide range of training possibilities.

The ET 6 has a 12 kg flywheel and a motor- and computer controlled resistance. With the computer you can adjust the resistance to the level of your choice.

The handlebar and saddle are adjustable for maximum comfort. The ET 6 is provided with transport wheels. This makes you able to move the exercise bike easily.

Colour: Silver/Black