WESC Bongo Popcorn

Merk: Wesc
€ 74.95 (Adviesprijs) € 69.95
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Gewicht: 0,147 kg
Frequentie: 20 - 20 001 Hz
Sensiviteit 1kHz: 120 dB
Aansluiting: gold - plated 3,5mm stereo
Snoer: 0,5 m + 1,0 m extension cord, + 0,1 m adaptor, PVC cord
Impedantie: 32 ohms
Garantie: 1 jaar
Accessoires: Nee
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Real headphones for real people.

Real headphones for real people.

Even a good listener is usually thinking of something else, but this time the won't. Through the core of science and the biggest bag of love WeSC brings the freshest headphones ever. All designed to fit the individual as much as the lifestyle. Feel at home grooving with us. Your ears have never looked sexier.


Taps to that era with beatniks and poetry reads that would use them to provide accents during pauses in coffeehouses without logos. The Bongo gives immaculate clarity and that phat base. Yeah for sure, all worth ruining that afro of yours.