Aramith Camouflage Pool Set

Brand: Aramith
Product: BUF.2557.021
€ 169.00
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Short description

- Designed for Home Use
- Camo-like Appearance
- Aramith Unique Phenolic Resin
- Ultimate in Precision Balance
- Optimal Rebound Effect
- Exceptional Longevity
- Lengthens Cloth Life

Product details

The Aramith Camouflage set is made from unique phenolic resin. Using their new Duromould Plus technology; the camo design has been moulded underneath the balls surface for optimal wear resistance.

Aramith balls are a money saving investment; they last 5 times longer than polyester balls; while their unique molecular structure creates less burn spots, dramatically lengthening your cloth life!

This set features a beautiful up-to-date camo design and adds another dimension to your home billiard table.